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What do you need from your practice today? Whether you seek dynamic movement, stillness, or a deeper dive into yoga philosophy…we have a class to support your intention.

  Our Flow Classes

We enjoy classes that synchronize breath and movement. Some classes build heat and intensity while others slow the pace down for a softer practice.

Gentle FlowGentle Flow classes may skip the “flow” entirely! These classes are accessible for all levels and degrees of flexibility. 

Flow – Our Flow classes incorporate sequencing, often at a more relaxed pac, to allow more time for discovery in the poses. Great for most levels. 

Express Flow –  Enjoy this 45-minute  dynamic flow class to wake up and energize the whole body. 

LYT Yoga –  A class geared toward building strength with a more asana focused approach – using principles from physical therapy, anatomy and Ashtanga to refine alignment in poses. 



 Non Flow Classes

Sometimes stillness is needed more than movement. In our supercharged schedules, we can become unbalanced. These classes help promote relaxation and healing as the body rests and repairs. 


Renew + Restore –  This class involves light stretching without the strain on wrists, knees or backs and spends a lot of time in restorative postures and props. It’s a perfect way to wind down and/or compliment an active lifestyle. 

Yin–   Though Yin is also a passive form of yoga, these classes target the connective tissues with longer holds that can become challenging. As we “play our edges” we also learn to accept them. 

Blissful/Ashtanga – This class draws on the roots of Ashtanga by using many of the traditional postures found in the Primary Series, but mixes them up in a way that’s more accessible. 

Pilates –  Our Pilates classes focus on building core strength while lengthening all the muscles of the body. These are a perfect compliment to a yoga practice.