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Maria Guse in butterfly pose


PSOAS RELIEF  w/ Maria Guse

Saturday, March 30th
2:00-4:00 PM

Have lower back issues?
Tight hips?
Pent up emotional wounds?

Find freedom in your hips and lower back with Maria’s PSOAS workshop.

Learn how this muscle affects posture, spine stability, the diaphragm and breath…as well as how you respond to both fear and excitement.

Workshop includes yin/restorative practice + myofascial release and deep stretches.

You will leave this workshop feeling so much better!



Maria Guse in butterfly pose



Sunday, April 7th
2:00-4:00 PM

This monthly Restorative Yoga workshop will include a sacred ceremony as well. 

This event is landing at the perfect time of the month as it’s both a new moon and solar eclipse. It’s not just any eclipse, but the great North American eclipse than will span from Texas up to Main.

Eclipses usually usher in change and can bring shocking changes and new revelations. With this eclipse lining up with the new moon, we can set intentions and reflect on any new beginnings we are encountering.